New Member - rejoining


My name is Gary or Jacko to my mates and I am have just rejoined the DOC after a few years away. I’ve had Ducatis most of the time since and I’m on my 6th and 7th now. Duke number 6 is a 2000 yellow 748 Mono which I bought last year and I bought number 7 last weekend, a 2002 900SS Senna.

I have a very patient and understanding wife (Kym) fortunately and the 900SS was for her to ride pillion on.

We’ve signed up for the D Day trip to France in june with Aspire but taking the VFR 800 (traitor!) on that one. Look forward to meeting up with you all on club meets and ride outs - Gloucestershire Branch loks a bit inactive at the moment so may have to venture out to Symonds Yat for the next nearest Branch.

Enjoy the good weather and happy desmo biking

Gary & Kym

Welcome back jacko,
hope you enjoy the club. Remember the more you use it the more you will get out of it,

Frank, memsec

Good line, Frank. Must remember that one!


I think he may be referring to his bike

Welcome back !!

Could, of course, refere to other things as well!