New member, sunny Corby, Northants

Hi all, long time Ducati fan having owned 2x 900ss previously and just, a 1199 Pangale since September. Looking forward to getting out and about soon
Covered many miles on my ZZR14r touring so now a little bit of Italian fun for the weekends and short breaks, already geared up for the Classic TT in August 2020
Going to try to get club events to put names to faces, cheers Mark …Mew

Hi mark I’m also new member same as you looking to do a few meetings next year maybe nice bike the pani :+1:

Hi James, looking forward to getting out on the bike in the spring, not a winter rider any more, usually towards the end of March see’s me out. I’ll post the next time I’m planning to get out, I do alot with Club Kawasaki ( Have a ZZR14) the first meet is last weekend in March to a cafe in Oxfordshire. I’m planning to go on the Pani if you fancy the ride out?
This forum seems a bit ‘slow’ with posts , are you finding that as well ? I’m going to get up to the Nene Valley meet and possibly the Northampton meet at Sywell after Xmas to put names to faces hopefully.

I try to get out as much as (wife) possible so have to meet up , Have a good Christmas, Mark

Yes it seems to be very quiet was expecting more chatTo be fair but hay ho not sure when I will get bike ready it’s in lots of bits at the moment doing a desmo service and having frame resprayed and lots of new bits to go back on hopefully in time for spring lol

Hopefully will pick up, it’s always nice to chat with folk.
I’m going to try to get to a few meets after Christmas.
What’s the bike ? I had a 900ss but sold her to get the Panigali, miss that bike. Owned her for 4 yrs,

It’s a streetfighter 1098s

Nice, not seen one as yet . Interesting build !

Will see you over at MCN festival, that is a great Ducati week end

Is there a bit of a DOC set up at the show? I haven’t been to the Peterborough show as yet, may give it a go

Yes, we have a big marquee, about 30 bikes and a good week end of fun

I’ve put it in the diary, see you there

The cheeky question is there a discounted ticket available to club members ?

It’s not cheeky, if you put your bike on the club stand you get in free for the week end !! Thanks :pray: I’m