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Just wanted to say hello, I am a Guzzi man by trade. I have always liked Ducati’s but never gone down that road, all to expensive and all that. But on Saturday a 748 B came up for sale 2 doors up from my parents so I had a look and a deal was struck. The only trouble I have with it so far is the wife wants it for her self already. I hope to pop along to my local meet ( I am the branch organizer of the Oxford branch of the Moto Guzzi owners club ) I hope I will be excepted on my little 748. I have got to say it is sexy!

All the best Eddie.

[size=150]Welcome to you. Good choice of bikes.[/size]

Always welcome howver you wish to get there.


A Guzzi man by trade… :smiley:
Thank F’ck for that we’re expecting very heavy rain in the next few days, any chance of borrowing your “Ditch Pump” ??? :wink:

Steve R

Cheeky, you could always borrow my Enfield.

Bugger, Steve R beat me to it! Although I have to admit I do have a secret lust for a nice Guzzi cafe racer :wink: Welcome to the Club/forum!

Thanks for the welcome. Izzy my wife has already got her eye on it, not sure if that’s a good thing or not but it would mean I could get another, I have always wanted a 999 so may be in the spring.

And a belated ‘welcome’ from me, Eddie, we have several Guzzis - led by Serena Powys - at Horsham Piazza Italia every Good Friday. You’re more than welcome to take part next year on either bike.


Thanks I know Serena well and I was there this year on a Griso. I will be up for going again next year.


Hi Jilly,
Please pass on my best wishes to Serena when you next see her, the last time I saw her was at the Shepton Mallet show some years back now, but before that we’d always have a good jaw/exchange of banter at the V Twin, she probably remembers me as Ducati Steve or possibly Cornish Steve as I’d always travel up with a few lads from Cornwall.
Here’s a little secret…
She once judged “The best Cock” at the V T win between Spaggy and another DOCGB member who shall remain nameless…
OK it was me and I won, :smiley: but we were very very drunk at the time…and I was led astray by Spaggy/an elder boy made me do it Mrs honest!

Steve R

that really made me laugh Steve! And of course I’ll pass on your best wishes to Serena.
Hope we can meet up next time I’m in Cornwall, haven’t been able to get there this year, and really missed it.

You lead on Steve, as I recall from a Welsh rally you have form in that department, I will confirm with Spaggy in a few short weeks…

hi all, join at Stafford show , attended the seven valley rally on an sf1 750 laverda and that was one reason I’ve joined it was a real good hoot. anyway brought a early kickstart mhr which is real nice and has 65,000 miles under her belt. previous owner was G Porter from crewe a real nice guy who looked after the bike for 25 years .
best regards and safe riding andy :smiley:

Hi Andy, glad to see you here as well, sounds like a nice bike. Get up to Christmas party later in the month, it will be superb.