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Hi everyone, my name is AJ. I have been a ducati nut for long time, but only just got round to joining a forum.My current bikes are, 888, 996sps and one from the dark side, a MV agusta F1000s

Welcome to the forum! Where in the UK are you?

I reckon you are more of a classy conniseur than a nut, with that collection.


[size=150]Welcome AJ. Nice collection[/size]

… and welcome from me! Hope you’ll be able to bring a bike along to Horsham Piazza Italia

Thanks for replies, I live in Nottinghamshire .All three bikes are used on a regular basis. Both Ducatis have over 20k on the clocks.

I’m just over the Trent in Lincolnshire Alan, so may see you at Willingham Woods or Ducati Lincoln if you get out this way when the weather improves. No mention of mileage on the MV, but I wouldn’t use it much either with the other two to choose from :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Alan,

I love the 851/888’s at the moment I’ve two, until the new owner of my '91 851/888 gets it picked up.
I’ve just overhauled/re-shimmed a pair of heads for my mates 888, it’s just clicked past 56,000 miles and my '92 851/916cc has clocked over 47,000 miles.

Steve R

Hello and welcome, nice bikes, look forward to seeing them

Hi we have just booked in at a Horsham b&b for Easter w/end. We will be arriving by car as it is a long motorway ride from Notts.Looking forward too seeing all the bikes. AJ

Hi, I am a frequent visitor too Willingham Woods during the summer, usually for breakfast on a Sunday mornings.I also visit Phil and the gang at Italimoto as they service my bikes and give fantastic service, the trouble is I always spend money when I visit. My son is in the process of buying a 1098 street fighter from italia. AJ

Hi, this as got to be a first. I have never been called classy before, many other things but not classy. I just buy bikes that are a little bit different. It is a no brainer to buy a R1 or a Blade, but my smile would not be as wide. AJ. :smiley:

Pleased to hear that you’re going to be at Horsham Piazza Italia, loads going on over the whole weekend