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Hi All i have just joined and i already need help and would appreciate some advice . I bought a Ducati Monster S4R 900 S4R and since having it … Battery keeps dyeing . Being in the North near Skipton … its pretty difficult with the Monster not nay Ducati Mechanics around . But basically trying to see if anyone else has had this problem and trying to diagnose it . :question:

Once i charge the battery she is fine for a week and its happened twice in 2 weeks . So i recharge the battery and she fine again … so it seems like the battery is not charging either the alternater or something else ?

I would appreciate some advice as i so much want to come to an event …


Hi, welcome to DOC GB and Ducati ownership! Are you able to get to Crofton, near Wakefield? Ducati Technical Services may be able to help …phone number is 01924 860210, could be worth a call / visit?

Hi Thanks but its to Far going to have figure it myself and just wondered if anyone knew anything on this Forum .

Thanks for your Help i will give them call tomorrow .


Hi there.if you arm yourself with a cheap multimeter, you could check to see if your bike is charging. you really want 13 plus volts when the engine is running with the lights on. May be a poor battery or some other source ( alarm maybe ) is draining it.
Good luck,Tosh

Check all wiring connections - starting with alternator to Reg/Rec unit, and and all others in the Reg/Rec and Battery area, ensure they are all good and clean.

Check alternator output and battery charging rate when the motor is running.

If you are not sure on electrics, give this most helpful gentleman a call.

Cheers all for your help … and doing all of that’s been suggested .

Good Riding .to all . ill make it to an event one day …

look forward to seeing you at an event! :wink:

From memory I think the alternator should put out well over 30V AC (depending on revs) which, once regulated, should give you up to 14-15V DC with just the engine running (no lights etc.). A battery will need a MINIMUM of 13.5V to charge, with all devices turned on (lights, heated grips, microwave oven, etc.).