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Hi DOC members,

Been into Ducs for a number of years now, had a 916 a couple of 996’s a 999 and now a 1199 and still have a 996. Was a member of DOCGB a few years ago and a member of the Ducati sporting club for a few years too. I’ve done a lot of European touring on my Ducs over the years, as well as WDW and DOC Gorizia (Ducatifest) shows too.

Looking forward the DOC Gorizia 6 this year as part of my yearly Euro tour.
Also need to get out with the DOCGB members too this year.

My Ducati 996r is heavily modified so if any you would like any info on this bike give me a shout.

Ciao for now, Pete

[size=150]Welcome to the forum. Nice bikes! Where do you live, do you know where your nearest branch meet?[/size]

Hello Pete.
Welcome to the club and the forum.
Hope to see you at the Boycott Arms when the weather warms up.

I live in Telford.
Yes I know my nearest branch meet up thanks and will be going when the weather gets better.