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Hi all
Finally got my dream bike a 2016 multistrada touring. Only managed 300 miles so far (too cold and salty) got it all prepped for my tour in June. Sat nav tank bag fender extender Inner bags touring screen radiator guard and front cylinder protection. Can’t wait for the weather to improve.

Hello Daverj, welcome to the Forum. Hope you’re enjoying your Multistada. Where are you going on your tour?

Hello Daverj
Welcome to the forum, watch out for your fender extender, they tend to drag on the tyre when you go over bumps, I have given up with mine and taken it off, the rear part of the front mudguard is rubbish!


Swiss and Italian alps. Its an organised tour did the Pyrenees and picos with them last year on a 1200 RT great touring bike but a bit unexciting hence the multistrada.

What a faff to fit. Have since bought the Evotech cylinder protection and Radiator guard so may well do away with the extender. The only thing bothering me now is I keep catching the pillion seat with my boot so have started standing on the peg whilst on the Sidestrand to get on and off. Do you think the Sidestrand is up to it? Another thing is I keep catching my trousers on the left rubber frame bung is there anything less grippy so my leg just slides past it instead of catching on it?
Thanks for the welcome

[size=150]Welcome Daverj,
I get on my Hyperstrada the same way. Now 4 years old and 21000 miles with no effect on the side stand.


How about an article about it for ‘Desmo’?

Never thought about it really, I will take lots of photos with the bike in the foreground just in case I get the writing bug.

Brilliant! Look forward to seeing the pics