New member

Hi, I’m new to the club…

I got pointed here via “roger” on here.

I’m in North Yorkshire and a whippersnapper at 20!

Sorry no ducati road bike (hope that changes), but I race a Ducati single with British Historic Racing (should do a few CRMC meets this season).


Hi Dave,

Welcome to the club and to the forum.

It was good to meet you the other day. Make sure you post your antics on the Racers section as you’re preparing the bike and throughought the season.

There’s a trpohy in the club which gets awarded to the one who’s most active on the racing scene. It’s sitting on my shelf at the moment so you’ll have to fight me for it!!!



Hi Dave,

never mind the road you’ve got a Ducati where its true home is :stuck_out_tongue: (no not the garage, I meant the track!)

mines in the garage :unamused:

oh, hi dave :smiley: