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I have had a rare request from someone to join the ranks of CoM, some may know him from Ducatisti Forum as 998GSB, a good one to have as it gives us a better presence on there, he is very good at writing articles and spelling and grammar is much better than mine, he is keen on getting us published something that I was rarely able to do.

I suggest putting him in as PRO which then also takes my name off two posts at the same time.

I hope that this is ok, we can co opt him now and officila at next AGM, he has lots of enthusiasm, and time.


Hi Martyn,

I would certainly second that proposal. He’s one of the good guys on the Ducatisti forum.


Just picked this one up, we do need a PRO, will he give us all the time that a post like this needs?

Yes, I cannot with doing membership as well twice a week I do not do as much on it as I should !!

A bigger team again !!

I will get him to do a write up about himself for the next Desmo mag, also I want a Facebook page set up for the club, we can invite people to events and allsorts.

Post pictures straight away and if it is ok with Spaggy link it on the front page of the website somehow, it gives us the pictures of todays event online today without burdening him constantly.

In that case go for it.

Yes, the post of PR has been sadly lacking for some time (sorry, Martyn! :slight_smile: ), we need someone to send out to the media info about our club, it’s an area we are missing out on. Just think of all the events we have, plus fund-raising, etc …

I’m not saying a word about ‘Ducatasti’ … but we should have a facebok page for sure :slight_smile:

The info always went out but never got published, they are just not interested in it !!

I am sure Gavin will keep trying though, the other members that have not commented have also agreed so I will press on with it.

Thank you all.

I do not believe that I am being burdened with adding content to the DOCGB website, Indeed, I would dearly love to be more burdened! :unamused: However, the problem is not one of being able to include coverage of events immediately, but one of getting those who are there to actually send the bloody pictures and reports etc to me in the first place! :cry:
Fair enough if Gavin wants to use facetube to do so, but I do not subscribe to the site, and probably never will, and will thus be unable to go looking for content to add to the website from this source. I (and any future webmaster) will therefore, as usual, still be waiting for the content from our own organisers and members long after the “event report” has been uploaded to ducatisti, facetube, and all the rest of the ducati related sites before anyone even thinks of their own club site :exclamation: I fear that Gavin will face the same problem, which just makes two of us searching for content.
I do not want people making excuses for me not including coverage of (say) the Southern Rally the week after it happens due to being “over-burdened”, when the problem is that if I am not actually there myself, then I’m the last thought. The digital images and reports go everywhere else before they come to me. Why :question: If people at DOC events can’t submit material to their own established club site first, then why will they use this instead?
Essentially, if this is what the rest of the COM wants, then fine, get on with it. However, it would at least be nice to know that the DOC webmaster will (eventually) get copied in to the material. Some liaison will be needed here between the webmaster and whoever maintains this additional site long term, and perhaps if Gavin would like to contact me directly we can discuss how.

As far as the job of PRO is concerned, then I’m generally in favour. We need more enthusiastic people, and have a couple of posts that need filling, so let’s hope we can meet up at the next COM meeting and vote him in.

… with regard to waiting for copy / photos, etc I have exactly the same problem with Desmo! It would be great if someone could send in a report of the club’s rallies, TT events, etc for Desmo, especially the events that have a free advert in the mag. Having said that, I’m pleased with the copy that has arrived re the Sammy Miller Day, and Donington (see Desmo 185). I’ve even got some copy left over (about other events, not those already mentioned!)

One of the problems is e-mailing pictures, you have to do them in little chunks, what about a photo bucket ?? I know about them but not much, if there was somewhere we could dump the pictures stariaght after an event where you had a log in and got them from ??

as I say I have heard of them but know nothing about them.

Gain will be a good addition and another pair of hands doing stuff, our website is very good and is a website not just a forum, I suggest next CoM which I think is still at Southern Rally we can discuss e-mail and web in more debth. Dave, if you want a seperate one like happened with the magazine then say when and where !!

Just an observation - it might be an idea to check some of the photos as the quality on some leaves much to be desired, also doubling up on photos. A selection of good pics would look better than fuzzy out of focus photos. :slight_smile:

Any sign of the Minutes from the last CoM meetings and AGM?