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Hi, I’m a new member to the Ducati Owners Club, but not new to Ducati motor bikes, having had a 696 Monster, which appeared to leave me round shouldered and with a couple of knackered wrists. Which is a shame, because I liked the look of it. I had a couple of bikes since then, but on a trip up to Ducati Preston, just for a coffee, in February, I spied a fabulous ST3, in glorious red and it was love at first sight. So now I have something to keep up with son Roberts’ 848. Well, maybe for the time being. We went up to Woods’ in Abergele on Good Friday [Good! it was freezing cold and on the back roads home, the snow drifts must easily have been over 3feet high] to see the new 848evo.
In conclusion, just hope that I get better treatment on this Forum, than I did on the other Ducati site. It was so bad, that I penned a letter off to Ride Magazine and it was published this month.
After meeting some of the committee at the Manchester Show. I don’t think I will have too much to complain about.
Dave Hughes

Hello Dave.
Welcome to the club.
You shouldn’t get that sort of treatment on this forum, it may not be as busy as some, but what is posted you will hopefully will find useful or relevant.
See you around.
Kevin Baker

Hi Dave

Welcome to the forum.

We aim for quality not quantity so I am sure you will enjoy being a member.

We always moderate the 1st 10 posts by any new member so hopefully we prevent people joining and addding things we do not like. I do try to moderate at least twice a day so hopefully any posts you make will appear quickly.



Hi Dave, nice to see you at the show and glad you are here, look forward to seeing both bikes soon. I am sure Tim will post soon, he runs the Wirrall branch of the club.

Thanks guys for the welcome. Hopefully, son Robert will be on-line with us soon as well.
Yes, I too hope that a certain amount of decorum is attributed when replying to requests for help and information, however obvious or trivial the questions may seem. I was also impressed how I and my first thread were vetted. Perhaps that is something other forums should do.
Many thanks again.
Dave Hughes

Hi Dave,
and welcome from me - I wasn’t at the Manchester Show :frowning: Hope you will enjoy being on this forum and being a member of DOC GB