New Owner in Lincolnshire

Hello All,

I am Tony and am based in Lincolnshire. I have been riding bikes for around 30 years however until Friday just gone had never owner a Ducati. I am now awaiting delivery following an MOT and Service of a 1999 Ducati ST4 which should be with me ready for the weekend. My last two bikes have been 1000cc sport tourers so I am hoping my new purchase will be something of a nice change and surprise.
I am hoping to use it both for wizzing around the local roads and also touring. At present the bike has just a Top Box but I am hoping to get some matching panniers fitted when I can find some second hand at a reasonable price.

I have seen that there are meets around the UK and would like to attend any Linconshire ones if anybody knows of these.

Hope you are all enjoying the fine change in weather!

Hi j3ster

I’m sure you will enjoy your ST4. Plenty of quiet roads to enjoy around the county, but don’t tell too many people…we want to keep it that way.

Depends which corner of the county you are in for attending meetings, the North Lincs lot meet at the Salutation Inn at Nettleton near Caistor, next meeting is next Tuesday, 7pm onwards. I expect to be there on a bike for the first time this year.


Hi, welcome to the forum. All branch meets are on the website. Check out where your nearest one is and go along, it great to meet up with other Ducati owners.

Fantastic many thanks for that. I work as a contractor so am away during the week at the moment. I have pencilled in the Billing Bike Fest in July and will look out for local meets too. My base is Sleaford Lincs so its more south but ‘have wheels will travel’

I am also looking into a tank Cover/Bag at the moment for the ST4 if anyone has suggestions. One with a Sat Nav/Map holder would be ideal.


Hi j3ster

Check this out if you are looking for a good day out on a weekend … 7%2013.jpg

I’ve been twice in 2010 and 2011 and it was superb.
The forecast was variable last year so I chickened out.

Hello j3ster, and welcome from me!
You can always advertise for ‘wanted’ items in Panigale parts in ‘Desmo’, I’m just putting issue 208 together …

Hi Desmo,

That sounds like a plan thanks I should do that.

Look forward to hearing from you … :slight_smile:

Hi j3ster

Welcome from another ST4 owner based in Boston.