New project, pictures needed.

In the late 80’s Steve Wynne produced a protortype bike for a company in Japan, I think the idea was to rival the DB1. Spondon built the frames and when the company in Japan went t*ts up the frames were sold off cheap, which is how I got my Spondon frame. Still have the frame and have just got hold of some original bodywork from the project (Only had the frame 20 years now!)

I thought it would be nice to build it up keeping the character of the original, while taking advantage of the wider range of engines/suspention we have now have available, so if you have any photographs of the original protortype, which was shown off at the Road Race and Superbike show at the time or the race bike that was built, please post them up to help me out.


Now as you Know Keith I’m a complete 24/7 Ducati anorak, but I’ve never seen anything like that bike in your pic’?
Have you any idea as to who the Japanese company were and have you contacted Steve Wynne in New Zealand?
But a little bell’s ringing in my head and it sounds like “Over Ducati”, this Japanese outfit built some really trick Dukes back in the air cooled Pantah engined days.
Although looking at the pic’ again it looks like it could be a Spondon effort, as you’ll know Steve Wynne had Spondon make single sided swinging arm chassis’ for the later 851/888’s.

Steve R

I’ve never seen that before either, and to be honest I wish I hadn’t! I remember Over Ducati, they did some really trick stuff.

Mr R it certainly is a Spondon effort. My frame was intended for this bodywork, but when the deal collapsed Steve Wynne sold the frames off half price minus the bodywork.

Nuttynick, To quote the great Dr Frank-en-Furter, “I’d didn’t make him for YOU!”

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Paul Rawlinson has a frame but he has turned his into a Hal faired thing, quite nice, his tank looks nothing like that though, his is definitely Spondon