New Regs: Should Ducati Makes Singles?

Time for Ducati to go back to making singles? Or should we just wait for the revolution?


Good question, how much would we pay for a new single ?? Would it justify have ing a production line doing them ?? Good idea though, get younger people involved.

I’ve heard all the arguments against building a single mainly down to cost, compared to the cost of making a twin but…

KTM seem to manage to make decent singles at a price that sees them sell?

Do you get the feeling that the Government doesn’t want people on bikes?

Steve R

I think the plan has been around for a while to get us off the road.

Hi guys

Another one of the good reasons to live on the Isle of Man. Our rules are quite different. You can start riding motorbikes and driving cars at 16 :smiley:



Stop rubbing it in !!!

Yes Steve but you can’t ride very far without going around in circles, :wink:
I’m sure it’s a wonderful place to live (I love visiting*) but… Can’t ever seeing myself being happy in such a small space.
I live in Cornwall which is every bit as nice as the Island, but I can ride in (almost) a straight line for well over 60 miles without getting my feet wet! :smiley:
…and that’s without heading for England.

*Already booked with Spaggy’s Tours for next years TT, I’ll be coming over on either my '79 900SS (owned and developed from new) based special or my '92 851/???cc bike and if I don’t win best bike this time I’ll be Napalming the F’kin Island so be warned matey. :open_mouth:
I’ll be inviting Tony and Sarah Elder out for supper (I stayed with them this year in Glen Vine) how about you coming along?
I’m sure I can drag Spaggies Port Erin Crew and a few DOCGB members along for an evening out, I’m thinking of the curry house in Port St Mary.

Steve R

Sounds like a good party, I have not been for a few years, it needs changing soon !!!

would be a lot easier to turn the clock back 10 years when ducati decided its future lay in dropping all teh less expensive models and concentrating on the more exclusive valued added producst to make more money

a simple no frills monster designed to get around the 47 horse power limit at a competive price would sell by the container load

would keep dealers happy, the factory busy, service departments busy fitting full power kits and everybody would be happy

its not rocket science

After all my past comments about old English singles sounding like polythene flapping in the wind, I’m not going to be a big advocate of a new Ducati Single, but it will probably be the only way I would be able to afford one less than 10 years old in the current economic climate.

Mmm Curry night in Port St Mary sounds interesting, but its along way from Douglas! :laughing:

Ducati is missing out on an expanding market, I really think that something like a 350 Monster might be reasonable, and there should be a 250 / 350 single somewhere. But would this fit in with the current thinking / marketing at Ducati?

injected ss are going for very little money at present well under £2k on fleabay

for an entry level ducati thats a lot of bike for very little money

It is and they are a very under rated bike

Whatever happened to the Supermono? Brilliant concept, should’ve had a following due to its uniqueness. Should have been easy to make, too, as it shared most engine parts with the 900 V twin.


Ah, the SuperMono … my favourite Ducati! :wink:

Suppose I should correct that … it was half an 851 engine!

ST’s romp in at competitive prices these days. Very underrated bikes too.

… but not a Ducati single! :wink: