New Returning Member Grantham


Looking forward to getting out on the custom built 900ss. Started life as an MHR.
I’ve had a few Duke’s in the past stating with a Darmah, then a 944 Superlight, Monster 900, 749s, and Hypermotard.
Gone back to a bevel for a bit of nostalgia! Also have a 66 250 scrambler in need of a total rebuild.
Had the 900ss for a couple of months and done a bit of rewiring, managed to fettle a 2019 scrambler headlight into the original CEV chrome casing which looks pretty good. Kept the CEV light unit but it was looking a little tired.
Just working on the clutch as its seems to be sticking, as the bike hasn’t been ridden for a while. Any advice more than welcome.
Hope to see you out there soon.


That looks really nice, would look great on the stand at the MCN , we go for a ride Saturday night as well so a great week end