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Saw the posts about a ride through Hardknott pass and realised we have nowhere specific to post this kind of information so have created this section and moved the topic here

Excellent idea! I’d add the A272 onto the list of rides to enjoy, but best done early morning when there’s hardly any traffic around :wink:

I heard only good reviews about Hardknott pass. I would most likely ride through Boredale Hause. I have tried several tours in Croatia, Romania and Spain, but nothing beats the vibe you can feel in the Lake District.
The only thing I fear as a beginner motorcyclist is the vehicle crash, in some complete desert. No one around to help, only you and your beloved but broken machine. Just imagine - you took a vacation from work, equipped your favorite jacket and helmet, this is the day you want to immerse yourself into your passion. And instead of a cool ride, you are pushing your machine through the mud, even a dozen miles.
It was probably because of my attitude that I started looking around for some kind of protection against this kind of situation. Here - … rs-operate I found some tips on how to choose the right breakdown cover providers. But I prefer to ask the real motorcycle veterans - which company would you choose? I don’t want their service costs to burden me too much, I need them to come literally anywhere in the UK and to be able to do most of the repair on the spot - to continue tour of course; -]? I will be grateful for any advice. Best wishes.

Hello krystians.
Not sure about, but they seem legit?
My breakdown cover come with my insurance, so I don’t buy it seperately.
The main people in the UK for breakdown cover are the AA, RAC, & Green Flag.

The Hardnott & Wynose Passes are great roads, spectacular views, not fast as it narrow and twisty with some steep corners.
There’s also the remains of a large Roman Fort on the Hardnott Pass, well worth a look.
I wouldn’t worry too much about being stranded without contact its fairly busy so someone would find you unless your doing it at night that is?
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I rode my Ducati and sidecar up the Hardnott Pass … in thick fog!