New SS owner

Hi all ,my name is kev I live in walsall in the west midlands and I’ve just had this SS600 with only 700mls. It’s my first big bike after passing my test this January. I previously only rode a 125 lol . I’m very impressed with it and I’m hoping to come to some meets . … kxxdo2.jpg

Hi Kev, welcome to the forum and well done on a nice choice of bike :slight_smile: I have the 750ss though it’s not as clean and shiny as yours :neutral_face:

Hello Kev.
That looks very clean & tidy, and you’re welcome to come over and see us at the West Mids meet, I live in Dudley.

Hi Guys , thanks for the welcome i will be coming to the meets if the weather holds up lol .

… and hello Kev from me :slight_smile:

Hi ,can anyone tell me when the next Midlands meet is please I’m presuming it’s the 22 June

It would normally be Monday 22nd June, but…
The Royal Oak is now closed on Monday evenings, so we need to decide on weather to move venues and stay with Mondays, or move nights to a Tuesday and stay at the Royal Oak, I’l have to ask the regulars what we want to do.


Hi, thank’s for that I’ll keep an eye on here for new dates.

The Royal Oak is now not open on Monday evenings, so we will be moving the meet to 2nd & 4th Tuesdays form now on.
So the next one will be Tuesday 23rd June.