New ST4 owner near Portsmouth

Hi All

Well, I’ve finally gone and bought a Ducati. I’ve had over 40 bikes in my life and this is my first.

The bike, a ‘98 ST4’ has only got 10k on the clock and is in generally good condition apart from some tell-tale signs of a minor spill. I can’t believe how smooth the inlet tracts are compared to a Japanese bike!

Before I ride it, I’d like to check the valve clearances and replace the belts. I’ve removed the old belts, injector bodies and covers and am wondering if there is someone with knowledge of Desmond valves who would be willing to come around and show me the ropes. I live near Portsmouth.

Failing that, can anyone recommend a mobile mechanic in this area?

Hope someone can help, Mick

Hello Mick.
Welcome to the forum.
Can’t offer any help on local mechanics as I’m up here in the West Mids.
Good bikes though, very underrated.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the welcome.

I’ve had a BMW R1100S for the last ten years and I love it. However, I’m looking forward to experiencing better front end feel from the Ducati. The forks certainly look meaty enough!

I’ve looked at several videos of valve adjustment but don’t feel confident enough to start pulling out rocker shafts and cams so let’s hope there’s some kind soul in the area. Plenty of beer in the fridge!


I’ve only ridden my mates 1200GS for a few miles but I was impressed with the handing for such a big bike, and he does make it go, I can’t stay with him even on my 1200 Multi!
Yes, 2 valves are quite easy but 4 valvers aren’t for he beginner, I’ve never done a 4 valve myself.

Hi Mick, I am fiurther Norh than Kevin, I am sure a more local person will be along shortly. welcome by the way

Hi Mick,
and welcome from me! Whereabouts ‘near Portsmouth’ are you? I may be able to direct you to some help … :slight_smile:

Hi Desmond

I’m in Portchester, near Fareham. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mick