Hi, new to ducati ownership been riding inline fours for about 27 years and always wanted to get a ducati so in march got a 2002 900ss ie.Fitted new belts as they hadn’t been done for 4 years (not good) clip on risers new fuel filter(the tank had got moisture in at some point and had rusted) cleaned it out, the fuel filter was dated 2002 never been changed and got the ECU flashed, new clutch plate kit and just about to replace bearing its a bit rough.Just want some different tyres on at some point its got michelin pilots on and I’m not to happy with them so I’m going to put some bridgestone bt016s on it (great tyres!)
Overall well happy!!

hello Wayne69, welcome to DOC GB and Ducati ownership, pleased to hear that you are happy with your Ducati :slight_smile:

Hello Wayne.
Welcome to the world of Ducati, looks like your diving straight in at the deep end with the maintenance, nice the see that you’r having a good experience.

Love it, its what I enjoy sorting out what other people neglect! It does amaze me what people ignore! Its a great machine to work on and it is slowly getting there!
Cheers!!! TO THE DEEP END.

[size=150]Welcome Wayne. Enjoy riding it to I hope.[/size]

Great riders bike handles great.The guy I bought it off had the forks and rear shock upgraded by MAXTON, sorted!!!