New To The Ducati Family

Hi there I’m Rik I want to say hello to you all I’m new to the Ducati Family and loving owning one,I’m looking forward to joining in on chats and if you have any questions just message me,I own a 1997 900ss and loving it.

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Lovely looking bike Rik …
Have fun ride safe :+1:

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Hi Brian thanks buddy I appreciate that I’ve only had it for just over 12 months now it was virtually standard see pic attached been very busy getting it to look like it is now still got more to do yet It’s getting a full paint job next with a superlight carbon single seat unit I can’t wait for the finished job mate so what model is yours 848 or above?

Very nice, they go really well those and handle

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She’s looking Good mate nice and original.
Mines and 848 but I do have a couple of other .
Got this 748 import in Foggy rep colours on the bench in restoration at the mo .

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Hi Brian I loving your 748 it looks like it’s coming a long nicely,the last pic I sent you was when I bought it a bit boring for me done plenty since then.


Its looking Nice , Rik .
It all takes time and money doesn’t it .
I have got a 750ss in the same model as yours, I bought a bit of a pig in a poke , a con man sold it to me with no oil pressure. I have started to strip that but ran out of confidence . I hope the Foggy rep will encourage me to get it finished once the Foggys done .

Hi Brian not good no oil pressure some people couldn’t be decent even if they tried,if you need any advice just message me with anything like that buddy I’m a vehicle master technician by trade I’ve worked for BMW Mercedes Volvo Alfa/Fiat Mazda Mitsubishi Jaguar UK factory, I worked on Bentleys Ferrari‘s Maserati‘s VW’s Aston Martin’s Porsche’s etc over the last 30 years plus 2 years at BMW Motorrad as a motorcycle technician mate.

Here’s some pics of my mates Suzuki SB200 Engine I built and mildly tuned for him. :wink::wink:

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Here’s some pics of my mates Suzuki SB200 I rebuilt and mildly tuned for him.

Looks a lovely tidy job mate . Did you have to do any work on the 900’s engine ??

And were abouts in the country are you ?

Hi Brian I haven’t done any engine work yet I’ve got a cut away clutch casing to fit and ducabike clutch basket and pressure plate this winter plus getting the side casings painted,It has had the cylinder gaskets and all seals replaced by the previous owner,the engine sounds sweet so don’t fix it if it ain’t broke comes to mind :wink:
I live on Wirral buddy :+1:t2:

Hi Brian have you had a look at the oil pump and pressure relief valve the pressure relief valve maybe stuck open have you split the oil pump and had a look for damage or signs of damage.
What was the oil like did it look silver at all,have you removed the oil filter that was fitted when you bought the bike,
you can cut them open to see what the filter is like mate ?

Hi Rik , sorry for the lack of reply . Was fitting new belts on my 848 .
Like you say if its not broke dont fix it :+1:.
Yes done all that on the 750 prior to stripping
My lad was a pretty desent speedway rider for a while. I learnt you can tell huge stuff from oil .
The oil was pretty dirty mate . I think its gonna be lack of compression. I wish I had tested that before stripping it . :roll_eyes:
To be honest it need new swingingarm bearings and paint so will see it thro when I get back on it .
Its a shame your so fair away .
Think we could have some great chats over a coffee .
I’m down in Suffolk.

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