New upgrade clutch slave cylinder fitted on a 996

Hi all

I have fitted an aftermarket clutch slave cylinder on a ducati 996. I origionally lost the fluid in the master cylinder, I read that the common problem is the seals on the slave cylinder wear. I have done no trouble shooting other than changing the slave cylinder for an aftermarket cylinder. I have used the spacer as the conecting rod stick out was less than 30mm as in the instructions. I have bled the system many times while the cylinder was in position on the bike being carefull to continually top up the master to prevent air ingress. The clutch isn’t engaging. I have manually bled the system by pressing the lever in x 6 then bleeding, I must have done this 40-50 times now with no air coming out of the bleed nipple?

I started this small job due to being let down by a local garage. Anyone know of any decent Ducati machanics in the Matlock area without going to a dealer?

Looking forward to a reply as I have been off the road 2 months awaiting parts, being let down by a garage and holidays etc!

Many thanks.

When you say that the clutch is not engaging, do you actually mean it’s not disengaging? Clutch lines can be hard to bleed as the highest point is not the bleed nipple but the banjo bolt. Sometimes it’s necessary to crack it open.

As Michael says, is the clutch engaged and won’t disengage due to the slave not pushing the save cylinder out or is the clutch disengaged all ht etime?
If you have used the spacer when it wasn’t necessary, it it possible to push the clutch too far and have the outer pressure plate come out of the basket and rest on the basket, hence not putting pressure on the plates, have you had the clutch cover off to see if it’s moving?

Thanks for the replies this is really appreciated!

Yes, the clutch isn’t disengaging. I will have another look at bleeding the air at the banjo bolt first. I will keep you posted.

Thanks again.


The push rod wasn’t disengaging the clutch and off the bike the slave cylinder piston was spongey when held back by hand. I tried several times to bleed the system using the top banjo bolt with just fluid coming out. After quite a bit of bleeding I finally got air. I ran the bike up and down the street and had to bleed at the banjo bolt again. It’s now perfect.

Without these replies I would have given in as I would not have believed I would have had to bleed the system so much.

I am now back on the road thanks to DOCGB!

Thanks again.

yeah, what Kev describes. the pushrod can be two different lengths, and the spacer would push it all out too far.