Newbie Ducati owner from Derby

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Bought my first Ducati a couple weeks ago :smiley: Picked up a standard 2001 748s. She’s fairly tidy, do for now at least but I’ll do a full tear down, clean and refit over winter. So far Ive found it a little lacking on the open roads, but I suppose it wasnt designed for that…the cornering though, love it! Nothing really planned for mods to be honest…although I have ordered an A&R Motorsport baffle kit (was going to go for carbon Termi’s…but other projects are nibbling at my funds at present).

Ouch…four days for my thread to get approval? Good job I dont have any urgent questions :stuck_out_tongue:
Been making full use of the search function over the weekend though :slight_smile:

All the moderators are busy people and sometimes this causes a delay.

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I too have a standard 748 and live near Donington Park.


Hello and welcome to Ducati ownership and DOC GB!

I had a 748, loved it but it was stolen, welcome and look forward to hearing more about it

Hello , hope you enjoy your new toy. I was amazed at how much fun you can have at lower speeds when i switched from a ZX9r to a Monster.
Have fun , Tosh

Cheers for the welcomes :slight_smile:
Just been chatting with a guy called Rich on the club stand at Donington…I picked up some leaflets then realised I’d actually already joined the forum :smiley:
My Duke is stuck out in the main car park :frowning: Got my old Gixxer on a club stand here though.
748 has been going great. Done just over a 1000 miles now, running sweet. Find it really comfy too…which came as a surprise after hearing various stories of an extreme riding position. Did a 360mile round trip to the coast last Monday with ease, great ride out.

That’s all great to hear, Stu. Club stand looks great at Donington - Richy has done the club proud

Yeah looks good! I’ll get some pics later when I go back up…left the GSXR up there last night, not looking forward to the ride home in this weather tbh :frowning: … n11fyo.jpg

A quick pic I took on the way out…I’ll sort some others later. Ive had to download a photobucket app as the forum uploader wont allow any decent sized pics on here…so fingers crossed I’ve done it right and you can see the pic. Is that pic size a limitation set in place for newbies, that will automatically lift once Ive past 10 posts?

Good weekend at Dono…I did a VERY steady three parade laps in the rain on the old GSXR…gonna take a week of cleaning to correct, but was worth it. Apparently Kevin Schwantz’s wife had her pic taken with my bike :mrgreen: But I missed it as the bike was at the show whilst I was at home in bed…dammit.

Seems I linked the wrong pic…I’ll try again later

Here’s my little 748s any how :smiley:

very nice! :wink: