Newbie from Cumbria

Hello :wave: I bought my 2nd ever ducati since passing my bike test in 1989 and bloody love it. Done 5000 miles since July (5 months) and want to be on it all the time, it’s that good.
Hopefully meet up with other petrol fueled weirdos like myself soon enough. :grin:

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Great bike, welcome, don’t forget to join your local FB pages, Cumbria, Northumberland, Norrh Yorkshire and Manchester

Im not on face book 🤦

That’s a shame, a lot of social stuff on there as it is so easy to share

Love that Streetfighter mate , looking hard for one myself now …. And the money to buy it as it has to be an “s” ! Anyone want to buy a scrambler icon 2018 with only 1700 miles ?

Welcome Tagrash69
Great bike, had & have Ducs coming out my ears, mostly brilliant bikes.
Carlisle Cumbria

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