Newbie from Kent

Hello to all.

I bought a 996 a couple of months ago and managed to get about 250 miles in before the weather turned. I am really pleased with the new bike, so much about it is great (power, handling, sound, brakes etc. etc.). I’ve got a couple of other bikes, an RGV 250, which is still great fun, and an old Z650, a classic in its day.

Looks like a friendly forum.

Cheers Buzz (Keith).

Hi Buzz (Keith)

Welcome to the Club & the forum and the DUCATI family, you are about to start a very long love affair that will give you all the fun that you will ever need, also you will have the biggest smile that you will ever know, so go out and enjoy.
I hope that we will see you at some of the club events .

Hi Keith,
if you are married it could also be the start of a very expensive divorce with the Ducati being cited as the mistress!!!

Hope you continue to enjoy the ride and make use of the club,


Welcome to the club, nice to hear your pleased with the 996, yes it’s not particularly lively compared with some forums but at least we don’t argue about personal stuff etc. mostly used for info and assistance.

Hi Buzz (Keith),
welcome to the DOC GB, is the 996 your first Ducati? Look forward to seeing you at one of the club’s events.
ciao :slight_smile:

Hi again

Yes I am married, but my wife has got several horses so I don’t think you can blame my bikes for any divorce!

And yes, this is my first Ducati, though I’ve longed after one for many years.

What finally swayed me was that the bike I bought was only about 10 minutes from a horse show near Birmingham we were staying at, I decieded that someone was trying to tell me something…

Happy riding (and drinking)


wotcha buzz :smiley: .
nice bikes, ive had two z650s in the past and they are great. wish i still had the 1978 b1 i had :frowning: