newbie from nottingham

Hi, I’m Mick from Nottingham, just joined. Currently riding a 848 Streetfighter, currently not riding a 900 GTS, it’s been languishing in the garage for 20 years, yes I’m ashamed. Anyway decided to clean it up, one thing led to another and the frames just gone in for coating. most of the bearings on the frame and wheels have been replaced, brakes rebuilt, Eurocarb have rebuilt the carbs as they were pretty awful. Before I stripped it down turned it over, two nice sparks, compression is not bad, albeit with a cold engine. Maybe in about 6 months it will be together and ready for firing up, depending on the outcome of that the engine may or may not be sent away, picked up that people on the forum rate Brancato, if anyone could recommend someone nearer Nottingham it would be appreciated.
Thanks very much for listening.


Hi Mick,
Welcome to the DOC GB forum :slight_smile:
I’m sure that there must be someone near to Nottingham who could help you …don’t forget to try your local branch for info.

Well, being fiddling and fettling through the summer and it’s moving along steadily. I’ve not fired it up yet as I’ve only just got the tank back, which prior to being cleaned and painted had an inch of rubbish in the bottom which would probably have killed my newly rebuilt carbs. Still interested in any recommendations for an engine rebuild should it be required.

Hi I have just joined and also from Nottingham! I know the post is old but how has the rebuild gone?

Finally got it finished at the end of July last year, managed 1500 miles on it before the winter set in. It’s no show pony and there’s still bits to do, but happy with it and really enjoy riding it.

hey it looks amazing! Kudos!

Thanks very much appreciated