Newbie in West Midlands

Hey guys,

Just purchased my first Duc (well first big bike too!!) got me a lovely red ST2, always loved Duc’s and I’m sooooo happy I now finally own one :smiley:

She’s being delivered Friday 13th (eak!) so I’m hoping the weather that weekend is good!

Anyway just wanted to say hi & hopefully meet up with some of you guys for ride outs & banter.



Some good people in that area to show the bike off to, laugh in the face of it, it will be fine …

Welcome to the maddness that is ST2 Ducati .
you will enjoy it, honest :smiley:
From another new to ST2 ducatiest owner :ugeek:

Cheers fella’s, I’ll let you know how I get on with her and soon as I’ve got my confidence up again I’d be up for a ride out and meet up :wink:

Hope you guys have a good new year



hiya from another st2 rider in the west mids. brill bike, should of got one earlier.

pop down to the branch meet, 2nd monday of the month at the royal oak pub. the details are in the west mids branch section.

maybe see ya there :smiley:


Hi Richy,

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ll definatly see if I can get over for the Feb meet.



Jimmy hi
You get out of the club what you put into it you will have a great time ride lots laugh loads meet good friends and as posted to the previous newcomer if you meet the Wirral/Cheshire mob drink a lot :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Good luck with the bike and take care
Timbo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Wirral Section

Cheers Timbo,

Well she was delivered today :wink: took her out for a couple of hours and so glad I picked the st2, rides so nice and love the noise!

As I’m rusty as hell (5 years off a bike) I did a few comedy low speed manover stalls (more revs… Remember MORE REVS!!) But other than that not to bad, I’m booked in on a training day end of the month so that should help with my confidence.

I’m looking forward to meeting all you guys, anyone who likes and talks bikes is a friend of mine (and gives my wife a few mins peace too he he)



Welcome from another ST2 owner! I’m sure you’ll like the bike :wink:

I have been singing the praises of the ST2 for years as more people keep buying them, great all round bike and mine has just passed 80K so they do the mileage to

Hello Jimmy, really sorry, I hadn’t noticed your post 'till today!
I’m the West Mids rep for the DOC, I’ve just come back from or Feb meet at the Royal Oak.
We meet second Mondays of the Month, so the next one is 12th March, hopefully we’ll be on the bikes for this one.
Hope to see you out, on the S2 soon.

Thanks for all the welcomes :slight_smile: I hope to get to the March meet to say hi

I’m slowly getting used to the ST2, impresions so far are that I love it! the noise is great & sends a grin across my face without fail & I especially love the sound of the clutch in…ahhh like a washing machine full of bolts …beautiful lol



Now we are all awaiting photo’s of your new ST :wink:

Hi Magwa, pics added :wink: …she needs some tidying up in places but not a bad base level to start from :wink: