Newbie monster owner in leeds !!

Hi All
Just thought id drop by and say hi!!


Hello there Wayne!
Sorry, we’ve all been a bit busy over that last few weeks.

Hi Wayne, replied to your other post mate. For some reason all posts need to be checked, scrutinised, checked again, forgotten, lost, buried in peat for 6 months, found again, signed in triplicate, then allowed through. :slight_smile:

Not condusive to quick conversations.

To try and ensure we maintain a good quality of posting and the forum does not degenerate as some others have we do require that the 1st 10 posts by a new member are moderated before being allowed to appear. Once the new member has 10 approved posts the moderation ceases and posts appear immediately.

I understand that it can be a little frustrating while you are in this situation but if we did not do this the site would be swamped with spam and adverts. You would not believe how many posts both here and as responses on the blog I have to block :open_mouth: