Newbie to Ducati

Hi everyone,

Just a few quick words to start with to say “Im so excited i can’t sleep”. My missus says i’m a nightmare at the moment. Silly eh, 58 going on 28, big kid again :slight_smile:
I live in Guernsey Channel Islands and have ordered my Mutley from Bikers in Jersey, who to date have been fine. The bike supposed to be here next week for collecting next weekend. I’ve had an email from Martyn who let me know how to join DOCGB which I’ve done. Found a pic of my bride sorry bike to be, and have it on my pc which i stare at each day. Sad eh, but that me. Anyway, just a few words till i get stuck in.

“happy days”

John “The dogs” Roberts

Welcome to the world of Ducatisiti.

I used to visit Guernsey several times a year as I had friends living there. Lovely island except for the speed limits. Fortunately where I live we can ride as fast as I want since derestricted means exactly that - no limit at all!!!

Cheers Steve P. local low speed limits yes but do i keep to them…no. I would add that I’m not stupid but will give it a blat when I can. And love traffic cue carving, sorry filtering responsibly, so will be putting this baby through its commuting paces daily. I can’t get over how stupidly excited I am for a bloke of 58, it’s like being reborn.

Hello John.
Welcome to the forum and the club!
You’ll love it, my 2010 one is fantastic and the new DVT models are even better so I’m told, I must get a test ride or should I? :astonished: .
I received your membership yesterday, I’ll process it and get your card and Desmo out to you next week.

You can also join in on the Factory DOC as one of our members, have a look at our website and click on Desmo Owners Club logo for info.

Kevin Baker
DOC GB Memsec

Thanks for the welcome Kevin. So much looking forward to this you wouldn’t believe. Just phoned Bikers Jersey and Jeff there told me the bike was uncrated half hour or so ago.

Incidentally, he mentioned in conversation that the Jersey DOC are having the annual get together next Saturday 6th June. Me and the Mutley may have to see if we can get in on the after dinner festivities. Could be the start of building a Duc bridge between Jersey and Guernsey. Anyway I’ll look out for the bits in the post and i’ll check out the factory DOC i in the mean time.

Stay safe

It sounds like a trip needs to be done, do we have many Jersey members Kev

Spoke to Owen at bikers jersey and he said it’s only a small get together to try and get it up and running. Ownership seems to be fragmented so as you say a visit on mass would be good. Maybe you guys next year to jersey and we’ll come over from guernsey, then onto St Malo France, then up to Calais across on the CT back to the UK for a meet up.

Whatever help you need just ask, if you would like a Jersey or Channel Islands section on here under branches we can sort it and if it is a regular meet at the dealer or pub or wherever we can publish it in the magazine.

… and a welcome from me to Ducati ownership and DOC GB. How lovely to be living in Guernsey, I know that a few DOC GB members from the sunny south have visited the Channel Islands and all spoken very highly of the area.
Incidentally, Does Derek Warwick still have anything to do with the Ducati dealership in Jersey these days?

Many thanks for the kind words and welcomes. Had the mutley now for about 10 days and have nothing but praise for it. I am pretty damn particular as had a shed load of beemers and no less than four GS’s so it’s gotta be pretty special to get me off them. I took out last years from Bridgewater and it almost ticked all the boxes apart from the slow running/commuter/town work which just wasnt quite there for me. I’d heared a smoother engine was due out and although chomming at the bit to buy one held on to the L/C GS I had at the time. Knowing full well that the GS was going back to the dealer as a buy-back i was wise to wait because stunning is but one of the words I could use to describe this wonderful work of art. Everyone that sees it loves it and the sound is just awesome, even on the standard pipes (how do they get away with it). Guernsey a lovely place to poodle around on but I’ve gotta get it off the island to put it through some twisties, so look out Wales, I’m coming back again this year with the Duc for some fun!

So bye, bye BMW, Ciao a tutti Ducati!