Newbie with Pantah

Hi, I’m new to this DOC malarkey and am the proud owner of a 500SL. It needs a lot of work having last been on the road in ‘98 ( as far as I can tell). Can anyone help? I’m mechanically sympathetic but not an engineer.

Very nice bike, what does it need ??

It needs to start and run but the tank and fuel system is clogged with sludge. It’s got compression and a spark though.
My main problem at the moment is finding spare parts - I need carb overhaul kits for starters. I can get the carbs ultrasound treated no problem but how do I deal with the tank?
Is there someone out there who reliably deals with Pantah spares?

Gutsibits deal with del orto carbs and maybe able to help. I also have a Pantah 500 sl and have some parts that you may need. Trying to get spares is difficult, but you can use some parts off 350,600 and 750 Pantah’s.

Very late to the party but, just in case the OP is still looking, Ducati Paddy (just Google) should have all the carb parts you need.

tank cure has the first bottel with cleaning fluid , specialy fot such an job, rince tank afterwards with an (not so strong) HP. pump, and of corse let it dry, and then rince with old (or new) fuel to get rid of debris. The second bottle, with the epoxy liner i’ve heaerd (or maybe it’s only rumours ??) would some times disolve due to the added alcohol in ‘envirometal friendly’ new fuels, so no fan of .