Just thought I would introduce myself,

I live in Bolton and have been riding bikes for 25 years give or take six months. I have a particular affinity for 2 strokes of the Yamaha variety. I have two 31k power valves and also a CRM250ar for messing around on off road. I live about a mile from Rivington Barn which will mean nothing to many but a few will be able to place me.

I am about to take delivery of a 2013 Multistrada next week from Ducati Manchester which will be my second Ducati, my last was a 888SP4 which was without doubt the best bike I have ever owned.

I look forward to meeting the Manchester ‘Chapter’ at the San Marino restaurant in Blackrod on the last Wednesday in May, it’s a couple of miles away from where I live and my boy has a job as a waiter there at weekends.

All the best


Hello Simon, welcome to the forum, nice choice, I’ve got a 2010 Multi 1200S Touring, great bike.
DOCGB Memsec

I am from Bolton as well, look forward to seeing you there, San Marco in Blackrod. Cracking food, we have an Italian buffet 5.95 if you want.

Always up for a six quid feed!

Saw my bike in the flesh for the first time this afternoon, it’s a thing of beauty. I can not pick it up yet as the insurance certificate has not come through so can not tax it. I am also off down to Newquay for the bank holiday weekend and need to make some space in the garage for my new arrival.

All the best


wotcha :smiley:

watch out for Martyn, he’s a well dodgy geezer. lol :laughing:

Welcome to the forum.
Looks like Newquay will be busy this weekend.

Have fun down here.

Hi Simon,

Might see you a rivington barn one of these days, i too like my yami two strokes and have a 350ypvs F1 with only 800miles from new. I took it up to rivington for its 1st ride. seems we got a few things in common.
Just put a deposit on a new Hyperstrada from Ducati Preston subject to test ride. Want the SP but think it will be too tall for my small frame lol.So will have the Strada instead.
My other bikes are an original 916foggy rep and an NC30


Picked up the Multistrada today and have done about 100 miles getting to know it a bit better.

I took a bit of a gamble as I did not have a test ride before I ordered it so today is the first time I have ridden one.

It’s quite simply the best damn bike I have ever ridden…

Over the moon with my purchase so I just need to make enough room to get it in my garage…

Today has been a good day!

Great news and great stories. I was at Manchester and Preston this week end.
Get to Ducati Nanchester 12.00 this Dunday for a ride to meet Bear Grylls !!!

I’d love to get to manchester this weekend, but stuck offshore at the moment in the middle of the Caspian sea,
Home next week though