Hi,I’m another newbie! Currently a 250 Desmo owner, used to be a 860 bevel man (owned several of these) Looking for a Monster, maybe an S4. My 250 is currently a box of bits and has been since 1981, when I stripped it down! Where’s the time gone? (maybe the 15 other projects had something to do with it!) The 250 is a possible swop for a Monster. Looking forward to meeting up with some Ducatistas at a meet, Cheers.

[size=150]welcome, could be a good swap. I am currently just started a project on a Paso, hope it doesn’t take that long, but time will tell.[/size]

Hi kiplepro, how’s the 250 coming along? I had a 350 Desmo and an 860 too some years ago …

Hi desmo, to be honest, I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for clip ons and rear sets. If I can do a swop for a Monster or even sell it to raise funds for a bike I will. I had two 860 gt’s, good bikes, liked them a lot. When I was working at Norton in about 1980 I found a 860GT in bits and I decided to make a special. A guy in Scotland had crashed his 900ss while racing and wrecked it. ( painful or what! ) I bought the heads/barrels, 40mm Del Orto’s, and converted the bike into a Desmo 900. An Imola tank/seat etc. from Newton racing, a Velocette style black with gold lining paint scheme later, plus some choice bits, it was done. With some Conti’s on it sounded great and went like a train! Wish I’d still got it! Cheers, kilpepro ( Staffs. )