Hi Y’all. Just joined your lovely forum as i’ve just bought a “rough/abused” Monster thats in need of some TLC. Do you have a parts for sale section, or is that a no no ?
It’s a 1997 M750 that has been abused over the years. It definitely needs someone to give it the respect it deserves. The bike is Mot’d (surprisingly) and runs ok, gearbox ok but needs repainting and the tank is leaking. Not worth repairing as someone has bodged the strap on the front. Usual faults like the seat cover is split etc. Needs more time and TLC than money to put right to be honest. What should the battery be charging at, it’s currently 13.4 volts. Is this high enough ? Also the cluch rattles, but from what i understand that is normal ? Any help greatly appreciated… :wink:

Hello Super Leggera.
Welcome to the forum, sounds like it’s in need of some TLC, it does make me wonder sometimes how people can just abuse their own stuff, and leave it go to ruin…
The paint never seems to stay on the engines for long.
There is a for sale section on the forum which you can use.
Battery charging is 14.4V maximum, at about 3-4000 revs (I think?) but this depends on engine revs, so at tickover I would expect around 13V, which should rise as revs increase.
Regarding the clutch, if it’s the original engine the clutch should be wet, so there should be minimum clutch rattle?
If it’s dry clutch it may have had an earlier 750 Supersport engine fitted, if so clutch rattle is normal and all part of the special Ducati aura! :smiley:


Thanks Kevin. It is indeed a wet clutch and i’ve checked the V5 for matching numbers. Sounds like a clutch cover off job to have a look inside then. Terrible that a Ducati has been neglected like this one, but hopefully if there is nothing too serious wrong inside i can bring her back to her former glory (with a few mods :wink:
Rode it yesterday and it goes/shifts ok, but just had a loud noise from the clutch side (?) for about 30 seconds. Still has 8 months MOT so can’t be too bad ???

Hi Super Leggera,
welcome to Ducati ownership.
You can also advertise for parts in the ‘Panigale parts’ section of ‘Desmo’ (DOC GB magazine) :slight_smile:

MoT would not have checked the clutch. Dry clutch = noisy. Wet clutch = quiet. Early inspection strongly recommended before riding further.

Yes i understand that the MOT would not check the clutch. I was trying to say that as the bike has an MOT it couldn’t be in too bad a shape… :wink: (i hope).
It steers straight, brakes and goes ok, but i don’t want to get into a situation where i plough more money into it than it is worth at the end of the day. :open_mouth:

I meant that an MoT could pass a mechanical wreck as the engine doesn’t have to run (a bit unlikely, I’ll grant you that!), and the frame could be cracked; so yes, all the inspected bits were OK on the day of the MoT, other than that…