hi guys, just new to the forum and saying hello, my name is tom, well that wasn’t hard to work out im sure, at the mo i ride a 888, great fun as im sure you all know

Hi Tom and welcome. I am assuming you are the Tom who came to Cheshire branch meeting. If so need your email and mobile to keep in contact of what we are up to,


howdoo tom, welcome aboard :smiley:

sorry no cheshire cat, your thinking of someone else, i’m from just north of belfast, but all us toms share good looks haha

Hello Tom, welcome to the forum, are there many DOC members over there? :question:

there is kevin and most are very pasionate about ducati, as they should be haha… some have told me off about a few changes i made to my sp5, but even though mine is not standard i love it all the same, oh and this is not me haha this is my 3 year old jack an up coming ducati fan

Welcome glad to see another 8 series owner join us,get involved and meet new friends and have a great time,
Oh yes late 90’s 851/888 (sits in garage with others but still she 's my baby)
Timbo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
The Wirral a great place to live