hello its my first day to all things ducati , i have a 1200s multi and live in oxfordshire and have had lots of other bikes but these 1200`s are awsome.
i am intersted in going to the wdw 2014, sorry got to go the dog has got out.

[size=150]Welcome. Nice bike.
Join the club and register with factory to get cheap tickets for WDW.
Check out your local branch. I think there will be others going to WDW from the branch.
Hope you found your dog.[/size]

Hi, and welcome from me! Likewise - hope you found your dog! There will be details about WDW in the next issue of Desmo, and always a good idea to meet up with people in the nearest branch to you.

thank you for the welcome , i have got the dog back ,she shot off after a squirrel, they run across the top of the conservatory roof it drives her mad.