Newish Ducati owner

It seems I should introduce myself. I bought my first Ducati in November 2010,a 2005 ST3 with just 8300 miles on it.As soon as I had it I got the belts done and a major service change all the fluids etc. I have fitted new pads,changed the chain and sprockets,fitted new Pilot road 3s. I love this bike. I did 1500 miles on it in Spain ans France last Autumn. It was brilliant. The bike is so comfortable,the panniers a good size and ,wonders, the mirrors are super.I have done a few track days on it at Castle Combe,slowly I must say ,(it is quite a few years since I started to draw my oa pension) but quick enough to scrape the pegs (or was it the silnencer)
Is there a better bike around for all round use?
I got Luigi Moto to do some work on the engine to bring uo to scratch,although it was not cheap it was well worth it. .On the forum I have asked for advice about changing the plugs. I live in Gloucestershire Philip Boobyer

Nice to hear you are decking it out, no experience of doing plugs on that engine though, sorry

hi from another ST owner. cracking bikes :smiley: