Next CoM meet March / April?

Just in case of any confusion, I proposed we switch to Saturday due to other things happening that weekend, but have now confirmed to Martyn that Sunday 15th is OK by me. I’ll leave him to sort out the details.
For anyone travelling a distance I have a couple of spare rooms so staying overnight on the Saturday is no problem if anyone (Jilly) would like to come up on the Saturday and stay overnight.

Thank you, Spaggy, I’ll check out the train times etc and get back to you - that’s a very generous offer.

Great stuff, look forward to next Sunday

I’m OK for Sunday, and I’ll bring the flyers etc, if you need some let me know

Yes please Kevin, I will e mail you the details later.

Apologies for lack of e mails, I am trying to get the BT broadband restored, no idea what is wrong, yes, the bill is paid …