Next CoM meet March / April?

Any news on dates for the next CoM meet?

Would be good to know when and where … :wink:
And the Minutes from the last CoM meeting?

I will chase Graham again, who is available what date in April ??

I’m not available the 7th (Easter weekend) or 21st

Sorry but I am not available Easter, 14th & 15th weekend or the weekend 28th & 29th. this is due to a mix of Horsham Piazza, :smiley: work :frowning: and Family duty’s, :smiley: :smiley:


Not available Easter Saturday

Not available Easter Saturday

Would not want to do Easter, what about the Sunday after ?? I make that the 15 th

15th OK by me.


I am out for the 15th as its my weekend for work, so I will have to be Billy no mates again. :frowning:

15th’s OK with me too.

Spaggy’s I think, if not Kevin’s, central

15th Ok by be at the moment.

Martyn, I really need to know asap where it will be so that I can book my rail ticket in advance, I’m not paying the full whack on rail fares!

Looking to be at Spaggys but he has not confirmed the date yet

OK, I’ll start checking the timetables and fares to Lichfield for Sundays (usually a bad day for train travel, Saturdays would be so much easier …)

[size=150]Sorry I won’t be able to attend this com meet.
See you at the Seven Rally.

Spaggy did say that the 15th was ok so as I write this see you next Sunday at Spaggy’s, I would say 11.00 to give everybody time to get there.

I’d have to get the 23.02 train from Horsham on the Saturday to be there by 11am (and that would include dossing in Euston station overnight!) or catch the 7am train from Horsham on the Sunday. Return fare would be in the region of £60, so may have to give that meeting a miss …