Next CoM meet

Hello all, sorting out next CoM meet and we will try for Northern or Southern Rally, we have had it at the Southern for the last few years, this year as they are consecutive weeks lets see who is attending what, if there is not enough at either then we can have one elsewhere at a different location more central.

I’ll be at the Northern, but probably not the Southern.

I can’t do Northern or Southern this year. If that helps!

It looks like the Northern if we have enough people, if not we can have a go through of outstanding issues.

We have had four CoM meetings this year, we can then plan one for December hopefully to sort out shows and CoM meets for 2013.

I am aiming to be at the Southern Rally this year but it depends on there being 6 weeks of unbroken sunshine from now on, so that’s a maybe then, very unlikely to make the Northern, bike struggles with the altitude anything north of Leicester.

We can arrange something a bit more central later on if it does not happen at Northern, does everybody think a good idea to get together to plan 2013 ??

[size=150]I think it’s a good plan to plan for 2013. [/size]

I support the idea of a plan for 2013. It will help everybody to be able to attend as many as possible - me especially

I will be at both, if anybody wants to send me any agenda items I will meet with CoM members at both rallies, well Clive and myslef will, I will get the minutes out then for any matters arising.

I won’t be at either rally … now surviving on pension :unamused:

Ok, please send me anything that is wanted to be discussed at Northern and Southern then we will have another CoM and 2013 plan before the end of the year

So, is there a CoM meeting at either Rally? I’m confused … (doesn’t take much to confuse me these days!)

We did not get the time for a meet at the Northern Rally, I’d there are anything that is wanted to be said at the Southern then let me know