Next CoM meeting ... June 2009

I’ve just seen Laura’s email on the list, suggesting the next CoM meeting (June, 2009) to be held at Sammy Miller’s. Any thoughts on this? If this is accepted as the venue, I could get there on the afternoon of the 13th.

Sounds like a great idea. I shall be there all weekend.


well, that’s 4 CoM members there then … :slight_smile:

Should be ok depending on work

Which day will you be there, Martyn?

I am thinking of going on Friday and staying the 12th and 13th, maybe tie in with seein Scorch and the East anglian mob.

And now seeing where Sammy Millers is … I will not be calling to Mid Anglia on the way down !!!

Not taking the scenic route then, Martyn? :astonished:

Let’s do it this way: Let’s have the CoM meeting at the Sammy Miller Museum on Sunday 14 June. I will ask for quiet space to be set aside for us to meet at lunchtime over sandwiches.

In this way we 1) have a CoM meeting 2) attend a terrific event 3) make ourselves available to existing and POTENTIAL DOCGB members 4) show our support for an Italian Bike Day in DSC country (a little elbowing, you see) 5) goad Sammy into putting more Ducatis in the museum and - oh I could go on but you get the idea.

One stone. Many birds.

It’s a far away corner, yes, but well worth the effort. If you want to come down a day early just let us know.

You must all promise to behave yourselves, make nice and have a meeting. At present the agenda is light - we need updates on events, banners, ads, membership and anything else you want to cover.


PLEASE commit to the CoM Meeting so I can sort the particulars.

Thanks and reagrds,

A few of us will be camping at the Holmsley Caravan Park and Campsite. Will one be arriving in land-yacht luxury?

See you there!


It is bloody booked out ar i would, was ace at BMF though, roughing in smoothly !!!

I am trying Bob,may book Monday off work as well.

We were planning on camping that weekend but with the sad news about Jon Sandercock we will be attending his funeral on the Saturday. My intention is to attend on the Sunday.


If the meeting is on for sure, lunchtime on the 14th, I will do my utmost to be there. Do you want the items for the Agenda to be sent direct to you, Bob?

I’ll be there, either riding down on the day or staying overnight at relatives nearby in Romsey.

So, is this meeting going ahead? :slight_smile:

If so, please can we have start time and an Agenda? (I have submitted a topic to Bob that I would like discussed, but not had an acknowledgement as yet :unamused: )

Sorry but I will be unable to attend for the com meeting. Will be there for the next though. Enjoy and wish I was able to get there.

Hello all you lovely COM people. Any chance of getting those extra desmo magazines this weekend so that I can get started in my mailing to the dealers as discussed at the agm?

Also, Robert who is at the TT has asked me to tell you all that the Sammy Miller Museum has set aside an office space for our COM meeting at noon on Sunday. Please can you submit reports either prior to that time or then and there. New business is welcome as always.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. Please rsvp to Robert on to say if you are coming or not. My offer still holds for anyone wanting to camp.


And if you are driving do not forget your riding gear as the Ducati UK demonstrater fleet will be there.

I have mailed Bob items for the agenda, see you all there, should be good, I will bring the flag.

Hi Laura,
I haven’t got any spare copies of 183 … sorry.
I think you were getting some from Martyn / Frank? With 184, I will make sure that the printers send you a quantity, just let me know how many you want.

Does that mean you’ll be able to settle my outstanding expenses :astonished: :slight_smile: