Next Com Meeting? Where and when?

Any ideas about when and where the next CoM meeting will be? Different rumours going round so some clarification would be appreciated. :astonished:

underwhelmed by the response … :astonished:

Have been assuming that it would be at Sammy Millers, can you confirm Bob?


I understood that Bob would be away then … :unamused:

Moving mountains here.

The next CoM meeting will be at Sammy Miller’s MotoItalia Extravaganza on 25 July. At last count we had a quorum committed to attend. I suggest we shoot for noon. Grab a sandwich and we can kill two birds with one stone.

Agenda is the usual reports. If you’d like to table anything, now is a good time.

If you would like to display your bike, please let me know and I’ll get it sorted with the Museum.

All the best,

Thanks Bob.
I’ll probably be there at some point :wink: … however, it’s a ‘birthday day out’ for Rose Danzelman and myself; we had arranged a while ago that we would have lunch out en route to the event (or afterwards!) as nothing seemed to be happening about a CoM meeting :unamused:
I’ll try and get a report done, but I’m doing 'Desmo 191 today / tomorrow, and have several things lined up for the rest of the week for my spare time.

Will be a report from me as I cannot attend, I have no problem with a phone call, 30 mins or so.

Will be at Sammy’s sometime late morning …

Hi Bob,
have sent a brief report to you, please can you let me know if you have received it? Thnx.