Next CoM meeting

When is the next CoM meeting? is it the weekend of the Southern Rally or the following weekend?
As harvest is changing from cereals to potatoes I should have some weekends free now and looking forward to getting back on the bike.

I thought it was at the Southern Rally, but not had Minutes from last meeting or notification to confirm next CoM meeting. I can’t make it to a CoM meeting if it’s in September as i’ll be on holiday / Goodwood Revival / looking after grand-daughter …

We did say at Sammy Millers that we would have the CoM meeting at some point at the Southern Rally, I will be arriving there Friday late evening.

Ye, it was mentioned, Martyn, but as the Minutes of the CoM meeting don’t seem to have been distributed, how’s everyone who wasn’t there to know? Has an Agenda been raised yet?

Sorry but I probably won’t be able to make it to this meeting due to pre-arranged commitments. If it does go ahead I’ll get a report compiled beforehand.

Weyhey! 72 mins start to finish and some useful input from the membership. This could be starting a trend. Obviously the combination of beer during the meeting and the draw of a table full of cold buffet is the magic formula to ensure that CoM meetings don’t drag on. :laughing:


We just need the minutes from Bob and everybody is happy, we said that the next CoM be at the Christmas Party, the one at Italsport hopefully, this will be firmed up in the next two weeks.

So, where’s the CoM and AGM reports???

Bob will be doing them, as he said he would at the CoM meeting at Southern Rally.