Next CoM meeting

Seasons greetings to all, as per the e-mail sent out we are trying to get a CoM meet or a mini CoM meet at Bristol show in February, depending how many of the CoM can make it, we then in the past had a meeting in march, the last two have been at Spaggy’s, we can also work on that. from then it is prior to the AGM, we have then agreed them at the AGM.

I hope everybody has a great New Year and see you in Bristol.

If the next but one CoM meet will be in March, please can we sort out a date? I’ve got 2 weekends already filled that month …

If we do have the next COM in Feb I am only working on the weekend of the 11th & 12th, if it is in March could we have it at my house as I am working most weekends that monthy.

Please give my apologies for my absence at the CoM meeting at Shepton Mallet, I will not be able to attend the show.

Do we have a time and an Agenda for the meeting?

I’m OK to do a meeting at Shepton, I’ll be going to the show anyway, will it be Saturday?

Hope it’s the Saturday as I’ll be going home Sunday morning :wink:

It will be Saturday afternoon , agenda to be sent out Monday latest

I am sorry to say that due to work commitments I will be working all weekend. report to be sent out at the weekend.


Cheers Fred, hope to see you soon.

I’ll see you there on Saturday then

And the Agenda? Time?

Graham sent me the Agenda, I will re send it today, Graham still cannot send it to doc com, time, I would say 2pm, depending on people’s plans on the day.

2pm suits me, but won’t the show be busy around then?
Maybe Graham ought to have a chat with Spaggy about not being able to send emails to the CoM - couldn’t Graham set up a group of all the CoM addresses and send the email that way? :slight_smile:

It depends on what time people are there, it should be a bit quieter after lunch time, we will see, time may change a tad but will sort. I don’t know, mine is working ok, it will be sent today.

Ours went last night. Chris and myself will be at the Com meeting, travelling down for the day. Are there passes or what?

Best to contact Mick White about passes, I suspect they have already gone to those displaying bikes / helping on the stand. However, I’m sure something could be sorted …

Thanks for a good meeting, lots sorted again and a couple of difficult items now dealt with.
As discussed send details to Clive for entry money refund, still lots cheaper than hiring the Motorcycle museum, I drove Guy, Graham and Ady in with me and managed to get in for nothing again !!

Look forward to next meeting.