noise in tank!!

have just bought a 96 900ss been off the road for 12months done service ,brakes ,oil plugs etc…but when i turn on ignition there seems to be a continuous noise from inside the tank :confused: ,i presume its a pump or sender unit is this normal?..even when running…as i have not owned one before…hope there is some one who can shed some light on this…many thanks …dave

Welcome to the gang… always nice to get another Beltie on the road…

Almost certainly your fuel pump - it’s inside the tank … if it’s ok, when the ignition is switched on, it’ll have a low whirring sound, and when the fuels low, the return flow sounds like a small ornamental fountain :smiley:

thanks for the reply,but does it not swicth off after say about 10secs once the fuel has filled the carbs or does it run all the time!..cheers dave…p.s. thanks for the welcome to the site :laughing:

i hope its normal because mine runs all the time. and welcome aboard :smiley: .