North West and Norfolk

I’m new to the brand but I’ve been riding for nearly 30 years. picked up my new Multi a few weeks ago from Preston. Looking forward to putting some big miles on it this year. Starting with Assen and Germany for the MotoGP next month. I live in the Ormskirk area but work in Norwich during the week so if anyone fancies a ride or a meet up let me know.

Good guys at Preston, I am in Leyland, branch meets at Wirral, Haigh and Radcliffe, check out website for details

Will do, thanks. Where on the Wirral is the meet?

They usually meet at the Swinging Arm, great pub, they have a Facebook page as well, most branches do

Great, I’ll take a look. I work in Norwich during the week but am home most weekends.

Fellow MTS owner living in Norfolk…give me a shout if you ever fancy a ride out mid-week…

Will do cheers. Hopefully the weather will cheer up some time soon :slight_smile:

Assen and Germany👍 beats Peak District and pot holes! fab

Very true. Assen was amazing but the racing not as good as last year.