I have noticed that there is a Rally, for us up north, due to be held on the 2nd week-end of August 2013, but where? The search facility doesn’t help me, so does anybody have any information as to where it is going to be?
Dave Hughes

Hello Dave.
We certainly do!
It’s been re-branded slightly
It’s organised by Adrian Such the new club secretary.
Here’s the flyer.
Contact Adie for info
I’ll be there.

There’s also an ad for the event in ‘Desmo’ 208 :wink:

On the website you will find that all events are listed in the “Desmo Dates” section with a clear marker of those events that the club has a presence at. The Northen Rally can be found there.

In the forum there is a section called “2013 DOC Events and Rallies”. The Northern Rally has a topic here as well.

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