Northern Rally

I know Dave is away but can some of the pictures of us having fun at the Northern Rally be put on the front page of the website, if it can be changed to an event that has just happened to keep it fresh.

I just look at Ducatisti and they update pictures with what people have posted to keep it up to date, I know we have buttons on the front page but an up to date picture looks superb, obviously I have no idea how much work is involved in it !!!

Yes Martyn, it could be done, at the risk of overloading the home page.
However, it would be a start if I had any pictures to use. As yet I haven’t had a single pic sent to me for either the Northerm or Southern Rallies, so it’s a bit difficult to put the content on if there is nothing to use! :cry:

There are some already posted on here, can they not be taken and uses, please do not think I’m criticising just asking if it can be done.I spoke with Mike from up north and I don’t know how he does it but he opens a gallery for people to put pictures in and then uses the ones he wants. There too many to e-mail, I have loads from Dales Dash as well.