Not much going on here ....

Season’s Greetings to all the CoM.
I see that the last posting in this section was in October, are we all happy bunnies then? I could do with the Minutes from the past couple of meetings, plus the list of proposed CoM meets for 2012 :wink:

Details of next CoM and thereafter e-mailed and posted, I have sent minutes from Stafford back to Graham today with a few amendments, the previous two have been amended slightly and returned, they were all sent out with the exception of Stafford but so many spelling mistakes they were re-done, people’s names wrong also, many apologies, I put it down to Graham’s age …

Apart from the proposed venue for the next CoM meet (Shepton Mallet) I’ve not recieved the details of other meetings - or Minutes - please could you send them to me again Martyn?

What’s this about ‘age’? Apart from our President, Steve Wynne, I’m the eldest on the CoM :astonished:

Graham will re send minutes out to all CoM members, there are only two confirmed meetings at present, one at Bristol and the AGM, no other dates firmed up yet, the meetings for the rest of the year are usually arranged at the AGM, I will speak with Graham and see when we will have the rest of the meets.

Thank you, Martyn :wink: