Now I've got the set

A few years ago I set myself a target of four Ducati models.
I admire the Castillioni period of Ducati and having had a 906 I set myself the task of acquiring the following…
(1) A Supersport. I got a superb 1975 600SS and I love it. Great for Sunday morning huliganism.
(2) A Sport Touring. in 2011 I bought an ST2. It’s a great bike for distance.
(3) A Monster. 2012 found me the proud owner of a M750. That was the one I wanted and I think it is probabley the best bike I have ever owned.
(4) A Desmoquatro. This week I picked up a 748 in Yellow (the only colour) I haven’t ridden it yet but that is something to look forward to.

NOW. Do I really need an Indiana?

Do you really need an Indiana?
No but you do need a 851/888 the grandaddy of the Desmoquatro’s, the last of the real/raw Ducati’s.

I’ve just sold my '91 851/888 this week so my little stable is now…
'74 250 Desmo,
'79 900SS, obviously a real Bevel SS and not a later “Bandy”.
'92 851/916cc, soon to be 955cc as I’ve now got all the parts to build almost a completely new motor.

Steve R

I understand the desirability of the 851/888 but as an OAP it is beyond my means. The 748 was a struggle .
The idea was to get a Supersport, a Sport Touring, a Monster and a Desmoquatro.

im getting there slowly,
a 98 916,
a 99 st2
and a 70 160 monza junior. bought as a giggle but its got a bit serous now :laughing: