numb hands!

I get numb hands after about 20 minutes riding my 848. Im not gripping the bars too tight and neither are my gloves too tight. No doubt I’m not the only one to suffer this, so if anyone has a solution, I would be grateful to hear it. I thought maybe some different grips might help?


Hi Phil,
I suffer from Raynaud’s disease, and have found a few things to help - wearing warming wrist bands (best solution); cutting out any caffiene drinks; not wearing leather motorcycle gloves but leather motorcycle mittens (maybe not so stylish, but as it’s a safety issue, I know what I’d prefer … they may be difficult to track down, but worth it) with silk inner gloves.
Hope you find something to help.

Hi Phil,
Not an 848 but on my 851/916 I’ve got the same problem,
I haven’t got Raynaud’s disease, but do suffer quite badly from Vibration caused white finger, after years of riding motorbikes and working in heavy industry.
I’ve tried foam/thin/thick girps, heavier/lighter barend weights, different clipons all to no avail so far.
I’ve even got mates who’ve actually filled Harris alloy alloy clipons with lead on race bikes!
Recently I’ve ordered from the States a ‘Bar Snake’ which’s a Polymer (heavy) rubber band that you pull through your handlebars, it’s claimed to reduce the vibration by upto 70% on some bikes, it was developed for Desert racer moto X Bikes, it’s very popular with Hardley owners over there.
When it arrives and I’ve fitted it and given it a real try, I’ll let you all know what I think…

Steve R

That ‘Bar Snake’ sounds like a good idea and as I am building a streetfighter(ala Renthal bars) I may well need a vibration damper myself!

Let us know how it goes.