off to Milan and Bologna saturday

heading to Milan again for few days on saturday and doing the factory tour again on monday in bologna
ill say buon giorno for you all!

Please do and have a great time !!

Jealous. Have a great time.

Nice one. Have a good time.

have a great time - lucky you!

had a great time
milan was snowy then sunny then snowy then sunny again but got some good photos and did a few new things this trip
ducati factory was as good as it always is
i do enjoy the wander round the shop floor
that smell of workshop as you enter really is heaven
only down side was that the outlet was closed !!!
as it does on a monday seemingly, but not according to the website !
so didnt manage to spend any cash on ducati products at all
so remember in winter time ducati outlet store is closed mondays

im actually heading back to milan this saturday again !!!
altho its for a surprise on my young lads 21st!
his mrs is surprising him with the trip tomorrow and then we gonna surprise him at brekkie time at hotel on the actual day o his birthday!
i predict passing out !

oh Wow! What a great surprise! And pleased to hear you’re having a good time, Mark. :slight_smile:

Great surprise and a great treat, the store is closed on Mondays, there is the small one upstairs near the museum.

sorry …next saturday!..not tomorrow

well that was a hoot
plane was delayed saturday tho so was in milan for a grand total of 35 hours !
the look on jnr’s face on sunday morning was worth it tho
never did anything ducati related but had a good wander around milan with the birthday boy

Nice surprise, well done!

excellent, sounds like a great time!

Did you have a wander around Milan’s railway station and pick out the girl of your dreams? Of course you didn’t! The last time I was there in the mid eighties, the ladies must have thought I was a handsome film star, from all the attention I was getting. Well it was 30 years ago, but the memory is as fresh as this mornings weet-a -bangs.
Dave Hughes

i had the lady of my dreams with me so am sorted there
altho ive relented and now am the proud( time will tell!!) owner of a blutooth intercom system for the up n coming touring trip
so mayb she wont be my dream girl after the trip!

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