oil level monster 900

whats the correct level of oil on a monster 900 up to the top mark or in between the two cheers…john

Should be at the top Mark with the bike upright and both wheels on the ground, but’s ok to run it.when it’s at the bottom level.

In the Owner’s manual for the Monster it says:

Checking engine oil level

Engine oil level can be checked through the sight glass provided on the clutch cover.

When checking oil level, the motorcycle should be upright and the engine warm. Allow a few minutes for oil to settle to a steady level after stopping the engine.

Oil level should be between the marks near the sight glass.

Top up oil level with SHELL Advance Ultra 4, if low. Undo the filler plug and top up to correct level. Refit the plug

so ok then either between the 2 lines max at the top/////thanx